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—Dr. Dave Walsh

Working with kids, parents, families and teachers for over 35 years, Dr. Dave’s unique blend of brain science made easy, stories and practical advice makes him a best-selling author and sought after speaker. Mind Positive Parenting brings Dr. Dave’s wisdom and a team of dynamic professionals together to answer your questions, keep you up-to-date with the latest research and provide you with the resources you need to raise healthy, successful, and thriving kids.

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Want your children to succeed in school? Let them play

It is rare that you will hear anyone say that play is bad for children. But it often plays a subordinate role to more 'serious' and structured activities designed to help children excel in school. Play, as the thinking has been, is where kids blow off a little steam in order to get back to the important work of learning.

A growing body of research is piling up that begs us to question the firm line we've drawn between the playground and the classroom.


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