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Our Guiding Mission

The mission of Mind Positive Parenting is to equip parents and communities to raise children and youth who can thrive, meeting the challenges of the 21st Century. We do this by:

  • Translating brain science into helpful strategies for raising resilient children and youth.
  • Developing digital literacies and citizenship.
  • Preparing children and youth for global competition and cooperation.
  • Equipping children for school success.
  • Fostering social competence and caring.

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Our Story

Mind Positive Parenting sprang from Dr. Dave and Monica’s decades of work with children and parents. Both started their careers as teachers.

Realizing that media and technology were becoming powerful forces in the lives of children and families, they started the National Institute on Media and the Family in 1996. Its mission was to “maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of media’s impact on children’s health and development.” In the mid-nineties, it was hard to imagine the digital landscape that would soon unfold for families, schools, and policy makers in the coming decades. Guided by the belief that media are not inherently good or bad, but powerful, Dr. Dave and the Institute staff spend 14 years leading the national conversation about media’s impact on children and families. They brought critical information, research, and tools to parents, teachers, caregivers, and policymakers. The Institute’s award winning programs and compelling workshops sparked community conversations, helped foster understanding and connection between youth and adults, and translated research into easy to understand parenting advice.

The mission continues as a family affair. After all, talking about raising healthy, happy young people should spring from the real work of building family. Dr. Dave and Monica have been parenting partners and professional collaborators, starting with the Institute and most recently with Mind Positive Parenting. Their daughter Erin has worked on these issues since she volunteered in the office during high school. She is now a nationally recognized speaker in her own right and joins her parents as a full partner in the work of Mind Positive Parenting. As a result the Walshes have enjoyed over a decade of lively intergenerational conversations over the dinner table about the most salient challenges and opportunities facing 21st century parents and people who care about children and youth.

Every generation of parents has to redefine what it means to care for young people. Using brain science as our foundation, our family created Mind Positive Parenting so that we can continue to be in conversation with you about what it means to raise healthy, caring, successful kids today.

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