Thoughts on Media Violence As a Risk Factor

Following the Sandy Hook school shooting, Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh acknowledge that there are multiple, complex factors that create the conditions for such a tragedy. In this podcast, they tackle just one of these factors and explore the impact of media violence on kids. They suggest ways to build protective factors for kids in a culture awash in screen violence.

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Children and Sleep: Why Tired Brains Need to Hit the Hay

Tired kids aren’t just sleepy, their brains are suffering too. Dr. Dave and Erin Walsh describe the importance of sleep for learning, memory, and mood. Unfortunately, data shows us that there are a lot of tired kids out there:

Age:            Goal:         Actual:

Elementary  10-11 hrs    9.5
Pre-teens     9.5              8.0
Teens           9.5              7.5

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