The Bullied Brain – Part 3


Dr. Dave and Erin Walsh tackle cyberbullying in their third podcast on the bullied brain. In this podcast you will learn about:

  • The relationship between cyberbullying and face-to-face bullying
  • The power of parents as role models
  • The role of bystanders

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The Bullied Brain – Part 2


You can’t open the newspaper today without seeing a headline describing the devastating impacts that bullying is having on kids and schools. Is that because kids are bullying more today than in years past? Not necessarily. We are, however, learning more about the long terms consequences of bullying on children and youth. Learning a bit more about the “bullied brain” helps us understand why national attention is warranted and our kids need safe places to live and learn.

Read Dr. Dave’s article the “The Bullied Brain” in the Huffington Post for more.

Visit for evidence based information and best practices.

The Bullied Brain – Part 1


In the first of this three-part series, Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh describe the difference between bullying and cruelty and give parents signs to look for if they are worried about their child being bullied.

Now that you know a bit more about bullying Рwhat do we do about it? Talk to your child about being a Powerful Bystander and these Anti-Bullying Action Steps for Parents by our friends at ParentFurther.

What to look for in our upcoming podcasts – The Bullied Brain Parts 2 and 3:

  • What is brain science telling us about the academic consequences of bullying and the long-term impacts?
  • What is cyberbullying? How is it different from face-to-face bullying?