Thoughts on Media Violence As a Risk Factor

Following the Sandy Hook school shooting, Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh acknowledge that there are multiple, complex factors that create the conditions for such a tragedy. In this podcast, they tackle just one of these factors and explore the impact of media violence on kids. They suggest ways to build protective factors for kids in a culture awash in screen violence.

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Create Positive Emotional Memories This Holiday Season

The holidays are a season for family time, giving, and…stress! Dr. Dave and Erin talk about the importance of paring down your obligations and creating positive emotional memories for your kids around the holidays. It is not always easy at the time, but these memories are what your kids bring into adulthood.

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Technology and 21st Century Parenting

Dr. Dave Walsh and Erin Walsh answer a question posed by a parent – what is the right balance of media use for my teenage sons?

Dr. Dave and Erin contrast the “lock down” approach with the “hands off” approach and suggest a middle road that maintains limits while letting kids take advantage of incredible digital opportunities.

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