Summer Activities: Boredom Busters and Resisting the Summer Slide

Summer is here! This means more hours for fun, more opportunities to hear the word "I'm bored!" and tons of opportunities for learning.

Rather than recreate the wheel we wanted to share the incredible work of friends and colleagues who've done a great job compiling lists and ideas for summer fun.

  • Digital Fun for Creative Kids - An incredible list of Apps and digital tools from Common Sense Media that encourage kids to create, tell stories, code, build, and create art and media. Blow the old idea of a couch potato out of the water and get your kids actively creating online. (All Ages)
  • Do The Summer Countdown - Five simple steps to keep your kids' brains and bodies active all summer long from Sprockets. This organization also has program ideas for teens in Minnesota. Look for a similar resource in your state! (All Ages)
  • Summer Fun - always has a great list of activities, printables, and games. (Pre-K and Elementary)
  • Stuck in a summer rut? Look at Pinterest. Just search "summer fun" on Pinterest and you will come up with all kinds of incredible ideas. DIY lava lamps? You got it. Don't have time for that? Try a backyard alphabet hunt. (Pre-K and Elementary)
  • Make space for free play. Whether your kids are at a school-based program, summer camps, or at home with you this summer, carve out time for free play.

We will keep updating this list as the summer goes on. Do you have anything to add?