10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Boosting Your Child's Intelligence

It am writing this one month into the school year and your kids are well into doing their homework and investing in big assignments.Every parent wants their child to succeed in school - but do you really know what intelligence is made of? It isn't just about IQ scores or test results.

The more "yes" answers you have to the questions below, the more likely you are to foster intelligence in your children.

  • I understand that effort is as important as genes in determining IQ.
  • I realize that the way I praise my children has an impact on their academic performance.
  • I know that talking to my child and listening to their opinions is important.
  • I know how important sleep and physical exercise is for intelligence.
  • I realize that it is more important for my child to wrestle with challenging classes than just to get good grades.
  • I know how important memory and attention are to learning.
  • I know that self-discipline is even more important than IQ when it comes to success.
  • I understand that teachers and schools do make a difference.
  • I try to avoid telling my children how smart they are and emphasize their effort, persistence, willingness to ask tough questions, and other qualities instead.
  • I understand that stress can influence my child's capacity to learn.

This isn't meant to be a pass/fail quiz. It is merely a quick checklist to remind us that kids aren't born with "smart" or "stupid" brains. Their intelligence is built through experience and practice.