Tips for Protecting Tots from Media Violence

  1. The best gift you can give your young children is one-on-one time with caring adults. Minimize media for the first couple years of your child’s life and read, play outside, do art projects, problem solve, snuggle, and talk!
  2. Encourage people in your family to practice “appointment television.” Turn the TV on to watch a show; turn it off when it is over. You may not notice background violence on television, but no doubt it has caught your young child’s attention.
  3. If your child does get scared or anxious around media, be sure to turn it off and comfort and soothe your child. This helps them understand that the world is a safe place.
  4. Follow the ratings. If older kids want to play a more mature video game, make sure that they are in another room than younger children. (Though try to keep screens out of the bedroom!)
  5. Model good conflict resolution in your household and make sure that there are consistent consequences for violent or disrespectful behavior.

* Watching children respond to different kinds of TV shows can be an eye opening experience. Watch our "Barney vs. Power Rangers" experiment to see what we mean!