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November 2010

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  • Play is serious business

    My son's school keeps cutting recess shorter and it doesn't seem right. He is just a kid! Is there any 'value' to recess and play time in school?

    Even as the snow starts to fly here in Minnesota and parents are struggling to convince their kids to go outside, I am going to put in my plug for giving our kids more play time. Hopefully, no matter the season,... 

  • Ten Tips to Prevent "Discipline Deficit Disorder"

    1. Learn how to set limits and say no.
    2. Support, don't rescue.
    3. Encourage, don't coddle.
    4. Get kids what they need but not everything they want.
    5. Back up teachers and schools.
    6. Take charge of media.
    7. Have clear and high expectations.
    8. Expect kids to do chores.
    9. Set and enforce clear limits and consequences.
    10. Expect kids to volunteer and help others.
  • Raising Readers

    I have heard that reading is key to kids' success. Is this true?

    You are correct! Reading is at the heart of academic achievement. It’s easy to see why. Reading opens the doors to new people, places, and cultures. It stimulates the imagination like no other medium can. It also reinforces organized thinking because things... 

  • Tips for Raising Readers

    Raising readers starts long before babies can read. Get started today:

    • Talk talk talk. Talk with your baby a lot, even before she is able to speak. Because children learn to speak by copying the language they hear, they need talkative role models.
    • Read to your baby every day. Starting a tradition of reading right away make it more...