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November 2012

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  • Taming the Gimmes

    Holiday madness has already begun! I can't go anywhere without one of my kids asking for me to buy her something and the other is constantly amending her mile-long Christmas list. The spirit of the season feels like it is lost on our girls. Help!

    You are not alone. Parents everywhere started bracing themselves for the onslaught of holiday advertising... 

  • Teenage Dating: Tips for Talking to Your Teen About Romance

    I just wrote a post about the brain science behind falling in love. Whether your child is just starting dating or in a longer term relationship - here are some thing to keep in mind as you talk with your teenager about romance:

    • Talk to your kids about their brains. Explain that it... 
  • Teenage Dating: Romance and the Brain

    My daughter seems to be "dating" a different boy every few months. She is in high school and we have talked a lot about respectful relationships etc.. and she seems to be doing all this okay but she doesn't seem to stay in relationships very long. Should I be worried?


    Sue, Kentucky

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