Ten Ways to Raise Healthy, Active Kids

We know from research that active kids do better in school. Here are ten ways to get your kids moving:

  • Make sure your child plays and exercises every day. Encourage a variety of activities to build strength, endurance, flexibility and fun.
  • Give household chores that build muscles. Raking leaves is the cheapest gym membership!
  • Check in with your child's school about the amount of gym and recess time.
  • Try video games that make your child move. 
  • Reduce media time and send your kids outside. If you are worried about safety, check out activities at your local rec center.
  • Connect your child with the outdoors whether it is an urban park or on a camping trip.
  • Encourage your kids to dance.
  • Don't force your child to join a sports team. Learn how they like to move and support them.
  • Try not to make exercise a chore or a weight-loss program. Exercise is about feeling good.
  • Have fun!