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Back to School Checklist

A Child’s School Success Checklist


  • My child is curious and ready to have fun!
  • When I ask my child to wait, he or she can wait for a period of time.
  • My child enjoys reading.
  • My child can work independently.
  • My child can stick to and finish a task.
  • My child eats fruits and veggies and gets exercise.
  • My child knows how to share.
  • My child gets adequate sleep (9-10 hours).


Parents Back to School Checklist


  • I know what my child is interested in, excited about, and worried about for the upcoming school year.
  • I know my child’s teacher and school contact information.
  • I understand school policies and expectations and will reinforce them at home.
  • I’ve decided on a time and place for homework.
  • I’ve set limits and consequences around media use and homework.
  • I’ve worked with my child to create a daily routine or pattern that ensures time for homework, rest, and fun!