6 Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Sex, Porn and the Internet

1. Talk to your kids about sex. Kids who have good communication with their parents about sex delay sexual activity and are more responsible and safe.

2. Make it an ongoing conversation. Don’t approach discussions about sex as the "big talk." Look for opportunities to have many shorter conversations beginning in the preteen years and continuing through adolescence.

3. Discuss sexuality, not just sex. While it is important for kids to have accurate biological information, they need to know that a healthy relationship entails respect, caring and responsibility.

4. It’s a good idea to keep computers in a public area of the house although that’s getting more difficult because cell phones have become "computers in a pocket."

5. Be clear about your family’s rules for use of the Internet.

6. There are software tracking tools available that allow parents to know what kids are doing online. Let your kids know if you choose to install this software so it all above board. Kids need parents not private detectives. Knowing that mom or dad could check my online behavior can be the guardrail kids need to stay on the Internet highway and not wander into its seedy neighborhoods.