Building on decades of work with the National Institute on Media and the Family and Dr. Dave Walsh’s best selling books, Mind Positive Parenting is a trusted resource for understanding what brain science can tell us about raising healthy, resilient, and self-reliant kids in the 21st century. Blending cutting edge research with practical strategies laced with down-to-earth warmth and humor, our speakers inform, challenge, and inspire audiences of all kinds.


Mind Positive speakers translate the latest brain science and research on child health and development into easy-to-understand information, strategies, and advice for everyone who cares about children and youth. Mind Positive speakers address the critical concerns of 21st century parents and educators including:

  • Why do they act that way? Understanding the adolescent brain
  • The importance of self-discipline: Raising healthy, self-reliant kids
  • Internet safety to digital citizenship: Raising kids in a digital world
  • Building positive character traits in children & teens
  • Parenting and teaching with the brain in mind: What the latest brain discoveries tell us about raising smart, healthy kids


“In my thirty-seven years of attending workshops, this is the best I have ever been to.”

“This workshop should be a requirement for every parent and educator.”

"The room was buzzing with positive comments and a desire to engage in further conversation about the issues you presented. This is exciting...to know that you have been involved in moving others into action."

“The program was so relevant and important. The speaker was exceptional.”

Why Choose a Mind Positive Speaker?

  • Our content is warm, accessible AND research based. Most parents and professionals don’t have time to keep up on the latest research breakthroughs. Participants leave our workshops inspired, informed, and equipped with practical strategies and tools.
  • We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. While we offer a set of standard workshops, we know how to work with your community or organization to ensure that the event meets the specific needs of your audience and spurs further conversation and collaboration.
  • We do it all! Our speakers have keynoted international conferences and worked closely with groups of parents in school media centers. Bring a Mind Positive Speaker to your community for a keynote, breakout session, parent education night, or a full or half day training!