Dr. Doug Gentile

ImageDouglas Gentile, Ph.D. is an author, research scientist, university professor, and in-demand speaker. He is equally at home presenting at international scientific meetings or to teachers and parents at neighborhood schools. He is a master at bringing science to life and translating it into practical suggestions and strategies. 

Doug Gentile is a renowned expert on a wide variety of child development topics and is especially recognized for his research on the impact of media and technology on children and youth. He has published two books and dozens of scientific papers on topics ranging from media's impact on obesity and attention to his groundbreaking work on video game addiction. He is an associate professor at Iowa State University where he runs the Media Research Laboratory. 

Professional as well as popular audiences praise his engaging and energetic speaking style. He speaks about issues such as the connection between media and brain development, the effects of television and video game violence, the effects of tobacco and alcohol advertising on adolescents, and the psychology of advertising. He has been featured on national and regional media including National Public Radio's Morning Edition and Public Radio International's To the Point. His work has been reported on CNN, in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, as well as numerous other newspapers and television stations.

Dr. Gentile received his doctorate in child psychology from the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota. He served as the Director of Research at the National Institute on Media and the Family for more than a decade. He is very active in a number of professional organizations and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. He lives in Ames, Iowa with his wife and two daughters.

What audiences say about Dr. Gentile

"Dr. Gentile was the Best, Best, Best speaker we have ever had at a WIC conference. Absolutely fantastic and practical. Please bring him back!"

- Oregon WIC Annual Conference

"The room was buzzing after each presentation with positive comments and a desire to engage in further conversation about the issues you presented. This is exciting...to know that you have been involved in moving others to action."

- Scott County Kids

"Awesome! Really enjoyed his presentation. I liked the different research he did and how he put it into 'layman' terms."

- SIRCLE Healthy Lifestyles

"Dr. Gentile is one of the most engaging speakers I have ever met. He provides his audience with much food for thought in easily digestible bits, spiced with a lively sense of humor." 

- National Institute of Education, Singapore

"Great presenter, kept audience attention, 'real life' examples and also research examples. Very interesting - engaging and funny. Excellent work!"

- Governor's Conference

"Wow! Powerful influence - excellent information!"

- Media as Risk Factor

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