Lecture: Why Do They Act That Way?

Dr. David Walsh
Cat. No.

Now you can spend an hour with bestselling author and psychologist Dr. Dave Walsh while you walk your dog, take a run, or drive! 

In this content-rich lecture based on his best selling book Why Do They Act That Way?, Dr. Walsh will help you understand:

  • Why teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior
  • The role of hormones in the teenage brain
  • How to communicate with your teen and avoid power struggles
  • The three ingredients teens need for success

Perfect for busy parents, this hour-long MP3 downloadable lecture will enable you to brush up on the teenage brain while you are on the go.

When you buy this lecture, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a unique link to the MP3 file. Listen online or download and listen on the go!