Loosen But Don't Let Go: Be There for Teenagers

Dr. Dave Walsh
15.5" x 24"
Posters and more
Cat. No.

Parenting and working with adolescents is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived! That said, all of us need some advice and warm reminders along the way. This poster provides just that - and is perfect to display in your office, classroom, youth center...anywhere! With vibrant and inspiring design, Dr. Dave reminds adults the many ways that adults can be there for young people.

This poster is a must-read for every adult and reminds youth that adults care about them. Here are samples of ways to be there for teens:

"Teens have plenty of friends. What they need more of are coaches, mentors, advocates, and guides."


"Listen to what teens have to say. You will learn something every time."